Mountainview Moravian Church Christmas Putz


Five members of the Church gathered together in the Spring of 2001 and made plans to make a Christmas Putz and open it up to visitors. On December first of that year we were ready to show it to the public. The necessary statues had been found through donations of the members and there were some that needed to be bought. Seating was available for 25 people and we had a narration recorded that lasted 18 minutes. Volunteers offered to work the various hours that the putz was on view and the attendance, over the years, continued to grow. After the 18 minute presentation, the viewers were treated to some church-made Moravian sugar cake and some juice. A donation box was placed in the hallway for those so inclined. Bethlehem has three churches featuring a Putz, but Mountainview Moravian Church is the only such church in Hellertown. One of the unique features of the Mountainviw Putz is that it has a waterfall and running water. Every year the committee tries to add one new feature. Two months before the opening of the Putz, Church members are invited to take part in a car caravan up to the Poconos to gather moss that will be place on the Putz. It has truly become a Church Project and the congregation is glad to share it with community.

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